Church Updates

Transition Team Update #5

The Transition Team has spent it’s last two meetings studying, assessing, and discussing the generational differences in our church. (A ‘generation’ is best defined as a group of people who are connected by their place in time with common values, beliefs, character...

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Transition Team Update #4

As many of you already know, we had an Informational Meeting on Sunday night. This update will serve as a recap of what was discussed in that meeting. 5 stage process IPM Interim Pastor Ministries implements a 5 stage process for churches in transition. The first step...

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Transition Team Update #3

I’ve been asked why the Transition Team is spending time studying the history of the church. It’s because this is what we see our Lord Jesus Christ does when He speaks to individual church congregations (like us) in His messages to the seven churches of Asia Minor in...

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Transition Team Update #2

As a Transition Team we have been studying and discussing the founding of Central Church in 1896 and the founding of the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination that Central was part of from 1896 until 1974. Why would we spend time studying our history? Because the...

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Transition Team Update #1

The following is an update from Dan Werthman, who is leading our Transition Team. After every team meeting, the hope is to update this page with an overview of what the team has discussed and how you can follow along with the team. read more
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