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Need help promoting your event?

Promotion Request

Lead time: 2-4 weeks

If you have a request for larger promotional needs, please use this form. For example, if you need a graphic made, flyers or posters printed, info shared through social media, etc.

Simple Graphic Request

Lead time: 2 weeks or less

If you need a quick turn-around on a small project, use this form. It only asks a few questions and allows us to speed up the process. For example, if you only need one simple graphic made without a larger promotional package.


Website Request

Have an update for our website? This form will allow us to process your request faster and separate it from our other promotion requests.

Story or Testimonial

Do you know an awesome testimonial from our church? Or do you have an incredible ministry win that you want to share?


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Central News

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Planning Center Calendar is where you can request use of the church’s classrooms, resources, and equipment, as well as services from other Central ministries.


Arena is our church database. Every number tells a story, and it’s important that we keep track of those numbers to ensure we are reaching the needs of our community. This is the place where you can upload attendance records, check registrations for events, as well as a number of other database related needs.


Basecamp is our project management software that we use to help coordinate between the different projects.Between all our different departments, we have a lot of projects and events going on. If you think you could benefit from having a place to work with your team on your ministry’s projects, please let us know and we’d be happy to help.

Do You Have Any Questions?

You can check out some frequently asked questions below.

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When should I fill out a form?

If you have an event, activity, or anything related to your ministry that needs to be promoted to the congregation or the community, please fill out the form. This could be as simple as a Bible study for 20 people, or a city-wide event.

For larger requests, we require 2 weeks minimum. This could expand to 4-6 weeks depending on the scope of the project. 

For simple requests, we can usually turn it around in a week or less.


Why are we collecting stories?

People are naturally drawn to stories. God knew this and gave us many truths in the Bible in the form of stories that we draw inspiration from on a daily basis. People are also drawn to things they can see themselves in. By using stories from the people in our church and in our community, we hope to inspire life change in those who hear it.

Do I still need to use Basecamp?

Yes! Our forms will be a starting point for all of our communications projects. It will help us understand what the project is for and how we can best help you in your ministry endeavors. 

Basecamp will be where we coordinate as we work on larger projects. Basecamp allows us to do the back-and-forth needed for creative projects in an organized and productive manner.