Understanding Giving at Central

If you are not a Christ follower already, the rest of this page isn’t for you.  God wants a personal relationship with you first!

If you are a follower of Christ, all that each of us has, God has literally provided to us.  If we say that we know God, we also know that He still owns all that we are and all that we have; that He has given it to us to provide for our needs and bless others.  In scripture, God’s people are taught to give some of that back to God, not because God needs it, but because it is something that we do in Honor to God for His provision.  When Jesus created the Church, it became the mechanism through which the world would be reached with the Gospel.  Scripture also teaches that exercising our faith in giving back to the local church results in blessing from God.

God wants you to experience the blessing of giving. Everything we already have is a gift from God, so, as Believers, we honor Him with the first portion of our best!



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Wondering about how much you’re suppose to tithe?

You can use this free resource to help you calculate 10%  of your income and how you would like to divide that up whether it would be weekly, bi-monthly, monthly or even yearly.


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