How many times have you been asked, “Where do you see yourself in one year? Five years?” Whether it’s your personal plan for the future, your family plan, or your marketplace plan…it’s really important to have a grasp on why you’re doing what you do. Churches are no different, and that’s why we’re going to start The Pathway in January 2017. We have developed a plan to help guide you and our guests through a process that will teach about Central’s mission to Worship, Walk and Work. This process will give you next steps on how you can get connected at Central.

The Pathway all begins with Step One…Starting Point. This step in the pathway is where you can get a brief overview of Central’s mission and vision. It’s where you can meet Central’s pastors, staff and elders. This is where it all begins!

Step two in The Pathway is Essentials. This step is where you will have the opportunity to learn more about Central’s belief system. What do we believe as a church? This step will answer that question. It is after this step you can become formal members of the church.

Step three is called Merge. This step is where you will discover more about how you are personally wired and gifted to serve in Central church and our surrounding community. Once you take your place in ministry, you will be unleashed to make a powerful difference for the cause of Christ.

The Last step in the Pathway is called Community. Our goal is simple. We desire to build a safe and authentic environment for you to gather with others who love Christ, Central, and our community. This environment is called Connect Groups, and environment where relationships are developed around biblical community.

After completing the Pathway, our hope is that you will see great value in it and invite someone else to go through it, as well.

The next round of The Pathway begins in September, so check back soon to find out more.

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