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dena-antoinette chisholm

absolute, complete, immediate, solo, total, unconditional, universal: cure-healing-recovery-relief; for sibling sis. Floy-Dean & Robbie; & F-D's grandson Robert; they all 3 're besieged, plagued w. double-multiple x triple-numerous aches, ailments, pain, soreness, stiffness, suffering, pressure, puffiness, stressful/traumatic instances; 'n

resting(attempts), rising, sitting, sleeping, standing, walking, walking, working; MIRACULOUS HEALINGS asked this very day(Sat. 9/25/21) thru Fri. 12/31/2100; a 79-yr, 3-mo, 6-day x line (enough) 2 include all current & future: blood related family mem. & in law kinsmen; PRAY this demonic-satanic generational curse 'll 'b broken! from our so. east. points of origins(38901 zip) to the farthest extensions;

Received: September 25, 2021

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