Hope and Healing

Support for Life's Struggles

We all have periods where we need a little extra help to get by. That’s why we have Hope and Healing every Tuesday night.

As Ecclesiastes 3 says, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens… a time to weep and a time to laugh.” We know that seasons of crying, grieving, and sorrow are a part of life’s natural order, and we want to help you turn those seasons into ones of overcoming, joy, and a hope for the future. Hope and Healing is a night dedicated to finding all the puzzle pieces of life and putting them back together.

Hope and Healing Support Groups

Every Tuesday night at 6:30 p.m.

CELEBRATE RECOVERY (CR) — (for all adults; meets weekly on Tuesdays throughout the year) — As we are all challenged by something — life’s intrusive hurts, habits, or hang-ups — CR utilizes the Christian 12-Steps and God’s Word to bring hope, healing and practical guidance to navigate life. (Choir Room)

CELEBRATION PLACE (CP) — (for kids ages 5 – 12; meets weekly on Tuesdays throughout the year) — As a Celebrate Recovery ministry to kids, CP kids learn the same important things as adults in CR in age-appropriate, fun, Christ-centered ways about overcoming a wide range of life challenges or dysfunctions at home. (Room 122)

BATTLE PLAN MINISTRY – (for adults, meets weekly on Tuesdays throughout the year at 7pm) — a Christ-centered ministry of restoration and discipleship for Christian men who are involved in habitual sexual sin, support for women, the silent victims of sexual sin involving men in their lives, and resources for families dealing with the onslaught of our sexually saturated world. (1215 Conference Room)
For information about Battleplan groups that meet at other times/locations, contact – Facilitator: Dr. Bill Berry ( or 901-921-2148)

DIVORCE CARE — (all adults; begins February 13 for 13 weeks) — A Christ-centered, informative support group for all who are either in the process of divorce or have had past experience of divorce.  Meets weekly to help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life. If you would like to see what each week of Divorce Care will look like, please download the Divorce Care PDF. ($15; Choir Conference Room).
Facilitators: Gus and Cathy Schroeder

GROWING SEASONS  — A companion program to Divorce Care, Growing seasons is for children ages 4-12 who have experienced separation/divorce in the home by parents or caregivers. Meets Tuesday, February 13 for 10 weeks – $10. Registration is required by contacting Dr. Bill Bellican at or 901.255.8115.
Facilitators:  Jean Brunson/ministry team

GRIEF SHARE — (all adults; begins February 6 for 13 weeks) — A compassionate support group for men and women that provides an understanding of the grief process and a way to navigate life after suffering loss because of the death of a loved one ($15; Chapel). If you would like to see what each week of Grief Share will look like, please download the Grief Share PDF.  (Hospitality Room)
Facilitator: Dr. Suzie Jacob

THE SMART STEPFAMILY — (all adults; begins January 23 for 8 weeks) — Based on the work of Ron Deal, a leading voice in stepfamily education and ministry, this is a support/educational group utilizing a media/discussion format to discover usable solutions for everyday living and practical tips for raising stepkids and strengthening a blended family and marriage.
Facilitator: Woody Alleman

As a resource to help you and your family, we have video teaching sessions from Blended and Blessed. Blended & Blessed is a one-day live event and livestream for stepfamily couples, single parents, dating couples with kids, and those who care about blended families. Using the login information below, you can watch these videos anywhere you’d like.
Watch the Blended and Blessed Conference
Username: drbill10
Password: BlendedBlessed2017

Note: All groups are open to the community.   Childcare is available.  If you have questions or need any other information, contact Dr. Bill Bellican at or 901/255-8115.

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