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Understanding Giving at Central

As followers of Christ, we believe that everything we have is a gift from God. Our lives, our family, and yes – even our money. The tithe was an Old Testament tradition of giving 10% of your wealth back to God. And not just any 10% of one’s wealth, it was the first 10%.

The tithe is a way of trusting in God to provide for all of your needs. By setting aside your first 10%, you honor God for providing and for all the blessings He has given you. It’s also a practical way to provide the necessary funds the local church needs to share the gospel of Christ. While we don’t believe that tithing is a New Testament commandment, we do believe it is a starting point for believers who want to support their local church.

To give towards tithes, Missions, and our Launching a Legacy campaign click below.

Short-Term Missions Giving

If you would like to support someone going on a Short-Term Missions Trip, you can donate to their trip here.

Designated Giving

This is for giving to designated funds at Central. This includes missionaries, specific ministries or groups, and scholarships.

Launching a Legacy

To read more about our capital campaign to renovate our worship center, visit the Launching a Legacy page.

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