Sundays at 9:15 & 11:00


What are Classes?

Classes are designed to help you unpack the Bible in a classroom setting. Classes can be large or small, but usually consist of a qualified teacher walking through Biblical topics or specific books of the Bible.

Check out the sections below to see our different classes. If you’re ready to learn more about God’s Word, there’s a class for you.

We also have men’s and women’s classes that meet weekly. Visit our men’s page or our women’s page for more info.

Sunday Morning Classes

Wednesday Night Equip Classes

Central Bible Institute

CBI exists to equip leaders from the local church, for the local church.

Central Bible Institute is primarily for members at Central Church who:

  • desire to serve God’s people and who are willing to bear the responsibilities of leadership.

  • are willing and disciplined to put in 5-8 hours of weekly, challenging study time and classroom discussion.

  • want to build rich relationships with other believers who share a desire to lead in Christ’s church.

The Way. Central's Young Adult weekly meeting.