Sundays at 9:15 & 11:00

Central Kids

Meeting times:
  • Sundays at 9:15 & 11:00 a.m. in the Education Building
  • Wednesdays during the school semester at 6:15 p.m. in Room 252
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Partnering with parents to multiply and mature disciples.

Justin Halverson

Justin Halverson

Pastor of Children and Families

God gave me a heart for the church and teaching God’s Word to His people. After graduating from Talbot Seminary, I was a youth pastor for 7 years in California and then in Colorado. I am married to my best friend, Chloe, and together we have 1 daughter, Blakely. Chloe and I love board games and enjoying life with family and friends.

About Kids Ministry:


  • Central Kids is for all children from birth-5th grade.

  • We create an environment where children are safe, loved, and celebrated. We believe every child should be taught how every story in the bible leads to Jesus, and how Jesus is the only way to salvation.

  • God has a soft spot for children. Jesus welcomes them into his arms, and throughout scripture, we see children intimately cared for. Children are a gift from the Lord, being “fearfully and wonderfully made.”

  • Central Kids meets weekly on Sunday mornings at 9:15 & 11:00 in the Education Building. Central Kids meets weekly on Wednesday nights at 6:15 during the school semester in Room 252.


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Do you provide childcare for infants & toddlers?

Childcare is provided for children under the age of kindergarten. This includes on Sunday mornings (9:15 & 11:00) and Wednesday nights (6:15). We also provide childcare through Kids Club during the week for those who are participating in bible studies, counseling, and other church activities. Please contact info@centralchurch.com or your activity leader to see if childcare is available.

What safety protocols can I expect?

The safety of the children in our care is of the highest importance. All kids’ classes are within manned Safe Zones. In order to ensure each child’s safety, parents check-in their children at one of several convenient check-in stations. Along with the child’s name tag and drop-off slips, each parent also receives a Parent Pass. The Parent Pass includes a randomized code unique to each child. In order to pick up children, parents must show their pass to enter the Safe Zones and to pick up children. The volunteers in the room match the code from the Parent Pass to the child’s drop-off slip before releasing children to their parents.

  • Each child must check-in at one of our check-in stations to be admitted into the classroom.
    A child’s placement in class is based on age.
  • Our staff and volunteers will help you operate the check-in kiosk if you need help or are a first-time visitor.
  • Background checked volunteers are stationed at each of the hallways where our children’s services occur to ensure unauthorized guests are not entering the children’s areas.
Do you have classes or groups for parents?

We have a variety of classes, conferences, and groups for parents. Central Kids exists to not only teach Bible truths to our children, but to equip parents to live out the Bible at home as well. Visit our events page to see a full list of events, and our groups page to see a list of groups for dads, moms, and couples.

The Way. Central's Young Adult weekly meeting.

Adventure Club

Wednesday Nights at 6:15 p.m. during the school semester in room 252.

We are committed to assisting parents in exposing the Word of God to their children in a fun, meaningful way. This happens through Bible memorization, home activities, club lessons, prayer, crafts, and playing.

While at Adventure Club, the kids will be taught systematic theology broken down for their specific age level. This is accomplished through a holistic approach of focusing on the specific lesson topic, a central truth, and ending each lesson with the gospel. Kids will also memorize a memory verse each week that applies to the theological theme and learn how it applies to their lives during small group time. Music and games are a fun way to keep the kids coming back for more and wanting to invite their friends to join them in the program

Child Dedication

Child dedication is when a family commits to raising their child in household that loves God. It is a commitment by the parents to act like Christ and to teach their children to do the same. It is a commitment from the church to support the parents as they seek to make disciples of their children.

If you have a child that you would like to dedicate or have questions about child dedication, please visit this link.

The Way. Central's Young Adult weekly meeting.

Dad Shift – A weekly podcast for Dads

Our Kids and Family Pastor, Justin Halverson, dives into what it means to disciple our children. You can subscribe to this podcast on all major podcast providers. To get the most out of each episode, make sure to download a copy of each episode’s notes.

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Kids Ministry Team

Suzanne Sizemore

Suzanne Sizemore

Early Childhood Coordinator

Brenda Ryan

Brenda Ryan

Elementary Coordinator